Silage and haylage baggers, presses for biogas plants

Silage baggers are very popular these days, they use the latest methods for fodder storing in silage bags in order to significantly reduce dry matter and fodders energetic value losses. It is proven worldwide that the best fodder of the best quality comes just from silage bags.

Fodder storing in silage bags is advantageous above all from the logistics point of view. On a relatively small space you can create a number of fodder types.

We offer you already 4 types of silage baggers from smaller machines intended for small agricultural companies and small service companies up to big silage baggers that can be used especially by huge farms or service companies.


EB 310 LG

EB-310-LG-ph-smallHaylage press EB 310 LG, manufacturer in Velké Meziřící in Vysočina, is currently the most demanded machine from all offered models. It is popular namely thanks to several basic characteristics, such as its transport speed and stability during transport, high power and even filling of the bag, speed and comfort during the machine preparation for bagging and last but not least, massive structure and technical design.

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Silage bagger EB 4600 XT





The silage bagger EB 4600 XT is intended mostly for owners of biogas plants who need to store large amounts of material in bags. The present trend is towards larger diameter bags; to accommodate this need the machine’s tunnel size is 3.6 meters in size. Thanks to this tunnel you can store more material on less space, unlike with the EB 3000S EB or EB 310 LG machines. Typical for this machine is the exchangeable system of 3.0 m and 2.7 m tunnels for bagging sugar refinery chop, CCM and brewer’s draff.

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EB 310 LS


The silage bagger EB 310 LS is a universal machine for storing all different feed into plastic bags. It is designed for small and medium-sized farms or private farmers.



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EB 316 LGM


EB-316-LGMThe machine EB316 LGM

The most powerfull silage bagger on the market with 3,6m tunnel.

Own diesel engine perkins 168 kW. Remote control for driving machine out of cabine. 4x4 wheel drive with OFF-ROAD system to drive on the farm



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