New silage bagger EB 310 LX

New silage bagger EB 310 LXOur new, tractor-driven silage bagger EB 310 LX was created by combining EB 310 LS a EB 310 LG machines. It is designed for grass haylage, grain silage, corn silage, sugarbeet pulps, brewer´s grain and crimped grain and it offers the best of these two machines.


Parameters of silage bagger EB 310 LX:

  • unique braking system using inner rope
  • high performance
  • optimum speed 40 km/h
  • even filling of the whole silage bag
  • hydraulic system adapted to LOAD SENSING to save tractor fuel
  • freely combination of all 3 tunnel sizes (2.4 + 2.7 + 3.0 m)

Check also the video, product sheet and other information about the silage bagger EB 310 LX.


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