Why to choose EURO BAGGING?

  • We take care of the quality selection of our suppliers to ensure the highest quality of our products.
  • We are people who are experienced in the agricultural field.
  • We are not concentrated on the quantity, we are focud on the QUALITY.
  • Everything what is produced and delivered by our company is under our supervision, we are not middlemen.
  • We listen to trends of the present time and we regulate everything to the requirements of the market.
  • We are only the Czech company with long history and stable background.
  • We use the most modern technologies for the production of bags and machines.
  • We have customers all over the world.


Benefits of storage in bags

Asset 24x   Investment - It is much more less investment demand compared to the construction of a silage bunker for the storage of feed.
Asset 34x   Logistics - It is possible to store more kinds of feed in the small space, so you can create a varied recipe for feeding of your dairy cows.
Asset 64x   Protection - It is immediate protection against the weather effects - immediately in the bag, there is no risk of loss during storage neither loss of nutritional values
Asset 54x   Flexibility - You can place bags where you want and need, you are not limited neither the space nor the amount of needed stored feed.
Asset 44x   Freshness - A very small area is exposed to the weather effects compared to the silage bunker, in which there is opened the whole part of feed.
Asset 14x   Hermetic - Bags are hermetically closed during the whole time of storage. There is no risk of watter, air or solar UV radiation before the opening of the bag.

References from our customers

Lauritz Haar, Norway

I have chosen the technology EURO BAGGING because of the low purchase price of storage technology and because of the stable fermentation process. It is not the same like in the bales where the process is in each bale separately. It is not needed so many machines compared to round bales. You need only the grass silage and two or three silage cars, which have less press to the ground too. In addition to I save my time because after the processing of the last car, the bag is closed with a zip by me and the fermentation processs is already started and I finish with work. The lab results confirmed me that it is a very stable product with a small amount of losses. I believe this technology is the future in the segment of storage of feed.

Lauritz Haar
Norway, Stavanger
Transition from round bales to silages in bags

Florian Kern, German

We have been using the technology of storage in bags since 2009. Before that we pressed big square bales. Grass silage and maize silage were stored in the open area and there were occured big losses. We started to look for a new way of storage to reduce losses to minimum. We bought the used grass silage made in Italy. We were not persuaded because of the construction of that machine. The conception of it and its movement were complicated. We needed to transport the machine from a farm to the other one several times a day. There are many small farms in our region where we make silage only a small amount of feed. We almost have to transport and disassemble the machine again three or four times a day. The bagger EURO BAGGING the type EB 310 LG offers the great solution – it is not necessary to disassemble the machine from a tractor. The machine is simply transformed to the working position by reversing. EG 310 LG has great power and high compression value in the bag.

Florian Kern
German, Schönberg
Transition from the opened space to the bag

NADEC, Saudi Arabia

We, the company NADEC AGRICULTURE, are one of the biggest farm in Saudi Arabia. We store more than 80.000 tons of silage and we deliver to our milk farms. According to us this system is the best storage system compared to the large silage bunker. Storage in bags needs much less investment costs and it gives much bigger flexibility.

The ability of bags prevents oxygen infiltration. If the bags are filled correctly, we can store silage at least for two years with a loss of dry matter (DM) less than 8%. It means much more lower loss than in other technologies.

The company EURO BAGGING is for us the right business partner. They are not only the specialists in the field of "bagging", but they provide quality service with high quality machines. I would like to emphasize the openness and the business feeling of Lukáš Jurek. I would really recommend this company EURO BAGGING to all potential clients.

Saudi Arabia
Storage of maize silage

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