Silage bagger EB 310 GM

Self-propelled silage bagger with maximum equipment and intelligent system of machine movement control at farm. The bagger is designed for feed storage at the capacity of 10,000 - 40,000 tons per year; it is used for storage of grass silage processed in harvesters and self-loading silage wagons, corn silage and sorghum, crimped and complete grain, sugar-beet pulps, brewer's grains and by-products of distilleries.

Parameters of silage bagger EB 310 GM

  • It is towed by tractor on roads. Travelling speed 40 km/h.
  • Brake system for immediate stop in case of collision.
  • Comprehensive hydraulic drive system SAUER DANFOSS with remote control and comfortable operation from cab.
  • Comfortable cab with radio, air conditioning and heating. Adjustable suspension seat.
  • CAN-BUS data transmission.

pdfEB 310 GM - Technical data sheet

Machine control

Moving of machine on farm is controlled by CAVOTEC remote control units with radio data transmission. Moving and turning of machine is controlled by triaxial joystick; 4 different modes available for machine travel:

  • AUTO - rear axle locked, front axle turning.
  • SYNCHRONOUS - both axles turning in the same angle opposite each other up to the angle of 45°. Turning is controlled by joystick. Most comfortable mode for travelling at farm.
  • CRAB - both axles turning in the same direction up to the angle of 45°. Used for accurate reversing while maintaining the same machine axis.
  • BAGGING - wheel turning by 90°; can be used for straight reversing to the bag. Push the joystick to make the machine driving straight, control machine direction by turning left or right. Rotor, picking shafts and feeding table conveyor can be activated in this mode only.

Other buttons on the control unit are intended for controlling auxiliary functions such as tunnel cleaning, table lifting, release of inner rope look and steel rope winding. The remote control unit can also be used to raise motor speed, control parking brake or activate counter-pressure for bagging with inner rope loop in BAGGING mode. The control system is secured against loss of signal. The machine stops automatically in case of low signal until signal recovery. The control unit includes emergency STOP button - its stops the machine and the motor.

Drive-line of machine and moving

The machine is driven by Perkins 1206F diesel motor, power of 168 kW and capacity of 7.0 l, EU TIER STAGE IV compliant. Two parallel pumps SAUER DANFOSS with tilting plates drive the machine. The rotor is driven by hydraulic motor linked to planetary gear Bonfiglioli 313 with adequate cooling capacity. Moving of the machine on farm is driven by four hydraulic rotators BLACK-BRUIN, Finland, with unique freewheeling technology so that the machine can be simply connected to a tractor for travelling on roads without the need for using hydraulic system. Hydraulic rotators have integrated large drum brake clips for effective braking of the machine even if travelling at 40 km/h.


This premium product provides maximum comfort to machine operator; the machine is fitted with air conditioned cab with radio for comfortable bagging. Feeding conveyor and tedder drives are controlled by couple of joysticks installed on seat bracket; speed of control is proportional.

Potentiometers on the right hand side are used for controlling braking pressure on left and right sides of the machine during bagging with inner rope loop; potentiometers on the left hand side are used for controlling motor and rotor speed. All these functions are available in the bagging mode only and therefore rotor, feeding conveyor and tedders cannot be activated accidentally in different modes. The cab includes lighting control panel, info display, windscreen wiper and washer control, hooter and alarm for material feeding from track.

Travel position

The machine is converted to travel position for travelling on the road; maximum width of the machine is 2,900 mm. The machine to tractor drawbar - upper hinge. The tractor must be fitted with hydraulic vacuum brake circuit or hydraulic brake. The machine travels on roads on all wheels; the front axle is turning controlled by a rod connected to the main drawbar.

Technical data:

  • Rotor width - 2650 mm
  • Chute size - 2.4-3.0 m
  • Machine power - 80-150 t/h
  • Bag lengths - 45, 60, 75, 90 m
  • Machine weight - 13.000 kg
  • Motor power - 168 kW

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