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The crimping of wet maize or grain gives us the whole line of advantages and it has been expanding to all European farms and to other countries recently. The trend of the pressing of wet grain is being solved in every agricultural company with highly quality and energic feed for milk farms at present. The ripeness of the grain should be optimally in range 35–40 %, which is considerably higher amount than at the harvest of dry grain.

Advantages of crimping of wet maize or grain:

  • It is possible to harvest wet grain more earlier from a field before it reaches its ripeness. The field can be prepared early for sowing of winter grain.
  • High energy value of grain
  • High sugestibility – more than 98 %
  • Reducing the risk of weather effects – the harvest is earlier
  • Much lower costs – it is not required drying of grain
  • Higher proportion of water-soluble sugars and less starch compared to dried grain

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