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Silage baggers

We are offering six silage baggers nowadays. Five of them are powered by a tractor and one is self-propelled. All machines produced by us have two positions – for work and for transport. All models have a slow-moving rotor and a feedtable with a PVC belt. This technology has proved us for long time and it offers to a customer versatility and the guarantee of a perfectly filled bag. This conception, as the only one, can process grass silages both after the chopper and the silage loader wagons.

All our silage baggers are equipped with feedtable top stands in the standard equipment. It is possible to bag without a backstop at machines EB 310 LG, EB 316 LG and EB 310 GM. The machine operator does not have to take care about the underlying of outer ropes with a carton and he does not have to take care about the backstop. The inner cable loop does the main braking function, the rest of brake press is used with brakes in the wheels.

What is possible to store with our silage baggers?

  • Grass silages, alfalfa silages, grain silages – GPS
  • Maize silage
  • Sugarbeet pulps
  • Brewer's grain and by-products from distilleries
  • Crimped and grained grain – CCM
  • Whole dry or wet grain

Our offer of silage baggers:

ISO 9001:2015

Our products are regurarly atested. We have certificate of quality ISO 9001 according valid regulations.

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