Storage of industrial by-products

It is possible to store brewer’s grain with grass baggers. But it is recommended to use the bag of the diameter maximal 2,4 m or to use a simple bag charger GB6 SF with the cross screw. Other possibility is to fill the bag directly from the trailer through the usage of the special adapter. It means the whole amount of the trailer “is poured“ to the bag – the lenght of the bag is about 10 – 15 meters.

It is also possible to store fiber-rich sugarbeet pulps eventually by-products originating from the production of bioethanol. All mentioned products are important supplement of the daily feed ration. The storage of these products in bags is not difficult, but it requires some certain rules during the storage.

Uskladnění zrna pomocí silážních vaků EURO BAGGINGUskladnění zrna - silážní vaky EURO BAGGINGBezpečné uskladnění zrna pomocí silážních vakůUskladnění zrna do silážních vaků - systém Grain Saver


Development department

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