Technologie de compostage

Kompostování - plnič kompostu do vaků CM 1,5 - TFor a number of years now, public interest in composting of organic materials has been on the increase and composting technology is a proven technology for dealing with a major share of organic waste. This technology is widely accepted and applied by the government and business at a large scale. Yet, during the composting process, there is stil the issue of organic substances which,

  • produce a nasty odour
  • result in run-off which is hard to handle
  • cause dispersion problems

The solution for such materials are the so-called Closed Composting System (CSS). Usualy, these are large scale composting factories, requiring a substantial investment, which do not always provide the desired result. Until now, smal scale processing of organic materials in a closed system was a problem. For these cases, EURO BAGGING is now able to offer a solution by means of CCS.

Our offer of composting technologies:

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