Crimper bagger EC 22

Nice machine EC 22 is our smallest mobile crimper of wet grain with bagging. Machine is suitable for small farmers and farms who want´s to be independent on contractors.

Machine has simple crimping unit with discs and focus on crimping of wet corn grain and wet cereals grain with capacity up to 8-15 tons per hour. Small 100HP tractors are strong enough to drive the machine – not necessary connect with strong tractor to save a cost. Machine is very simple and crimping results are great comparing with big crimpers.

You can choice to storage in 1,5m or 2,0m bags.

  • High-quality V discs made of refined steel.
  • Belt drive with low noise and low maintenance frequency.
  • Easy operation, strong drive-line.
  • Low investment, cost efficient.

Basic features:

  • Hopper with a volume of 2.5 cubic meters
  • Belt drive – silent operation
  • Centralized lubrication points outside the machine
  • Hydraulic sliding doors under the hopper
  • Hand brakes for bag pressure adjustment
  • Dust exhaust directed to hopper
  • Inspection probe for sampling the grain
  • 1,5m tunnel
  • Acid pump 7 l/min, holder for barrel

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 Technical details:

  • Tunnel performance - 1.5 / 2.0 m
  • Tractor power - 80 - 140 Hp
  • Crimping capacity * 10 - 18 T/h
    *Depending on the corn type, moisture, weather

Machine dimensions

  • Length 4350 mm
  • Width 2580 mm
  • Height  2750 mm
  • Machine weight 2100 kg

pdfEC 22 brochure


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