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EB 310 LX

EB 310 LG Deluxe

Silage bagg EB 310 GM

Silage bagger EB 310 GM

Silage bagger EB 310 LG

Silage bagger EB 310 LG

Silage bagger EB 310 LG + Pottinger

Silage bagger EB 310 LS

Crimper bagger CD 1000

Grain bagger D-9

Grain extractor EM-9

Composting technology CM 1,5

Composting turner NP 2,0

Bagging machine GB6 SF

Re-loading machine RELOADER H5


ISO 9001:2015

Our products are regurarly atested. We have certificate of quality ISO 9001 according valid regulations.


Development department

Our technicians and designers are constantly working on inovations and improvements or our products to achieve their optimal features.


Service of machines

Our technician are ready to provide you the best service of machines.